Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dyslexia -- up close and personal


I'm in English class and the teacher asks me to read.
Immediately a spotlight shines directly into my eyes. I'm trapped. I can't move. I can't hide. Everyone is starring at me with laser eyes that burn me. Sweat is pouring from my forehead, from my hands onto the book. A snowstorm of white dots blinds me. I peer through the storm and can barely see black marks on the white page. My stomach is tight and I feel like I'm going to throw up.
Brody, the fat kid who always sits at the back of the room, says, "Yeah, get Leanne to read. Read, Leanne, read."
His voice is distant and muffled, but I do hear him.
I also hear a loud noise--like a huge ocean wave hitting the rocks. Laughter. They're laughing at me.
I try not to hear them. I try to focus. I push my glasses up on my nose, breathe out slowly.
The first word is "I".
Followed by "saw" or is it "was". The letters dance--first 's' leads then 'w'
"Leanne, we're waiting," the teacher says.
More laughter.
I can't sound it out if I can't catch the words. I'll have to guess.
Sometimes I guess right, sometimes wrong. That's the only thing that differs--the rest remains the same.


JM said...

Keep at it Leanne. I think the more you do something you don't like or feel is difficult, the more rounded you become as a person. I have to admit, reading has always come easy to me, and luckily my kids are the same. Years ago when we were going to school, people didn't know what to do with "bad" readers. They got yelled at and punished. I'm glad there is more understanding now.
Keep plugging away girl.

Decadent Publishing said...

WOW! Fabulous!

Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you both so very much.
Yes, you're right JM. The more you do--the better you get.

Mari Freeman said...

Hey, Leanne.

You know I'm right there with you. My girls have always liked to read along with me a catch those 'mistakes.' They're often rather funny. Good luck with the readings. Slay those dragons.

~Mari F.

Seleste said...

Congratulations on the strides you've made. There is nothing harder than facing your personal demons on a daily basis. Truly inspiring :)

Leanne Dyck said...

Hi Marie,
I know what that's like. I cared for children in day care for 14 years. Reading to school-age children was a challenge and at times embrassing. : )

Gracen Miller said...

What an inspiring story, Leanne. I love reading how individuals overcome life's obstacles. I always felt empathy for those in school that couldn't read well and I grew angry at the teacher for "picking" on them. That's how I perceived it anyway.

BTW, I read somewhere--don't know if it's true or not--that Sherrilynn Kenyon was dyslexic also. If it's true, you're in FABULOUS company!


Leanne Dyck said...

Hi Seleste,
Thank you for your kind words. It's amazing, you know, I've found that when I need help to fight my demons angels are their to led the way--like, well, like you.
Much thanks again. : )

Redameter said...

My grandson has it too, and he's about to graduate high school this year. I'm so proud of him because i know how hard he's worked. I think I have the problem in my fingers. They don't type write.

I can relate.

Love and blessings

Leanne Dyck said...

Hi Rita,
Thank you for your comments. All the best to your grandson. The skills he's developed in high school will help continue on with his journey wherever it may lead.

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

Hi Leanne, Thanks for sharing this inspirational story. I love to hear how a person can triumph, istead of giving up.

I used to get nervous when I had to read in class and everyone would laugh. My ears would ring, and my hands shook. Now, I volunteer and never shut up. I learned to face my fears and breath.

Leanne Dyck said...

Hi Kathleen
Nice to hear from you. I agree each time you triumph you grow stronger. : )

Robert C Roman said...

Fantastic piece, Leanne. Evocative.

Also, for the reading, Go go go! *puts on pom poms* Huzzah, go Leanne!

I'm always happy and cheer when someone overcomes obstacles. :-)

Leanne Dyck said...

Hi Robert,
LOL, I can hear your cheers of support from way up here. : )