Thursday, January 6, 2011

In appreciation for Decadent's fine team of editors

In appreciation for all their hard work, I dedicate this post to a team of fearless editors--to Dana (Editor), Meredith (Senior Editor), Heather (Executive Editor) and the line editor. Mere words can not express my gratitude, but I'll try...

What Knitting Taught Me

When we start a project we have no guarantee of success. Sure we may have a pattern to guide our progress and a memory of past success. Still, a million errors could occur: we may have an insufficient amount of yarn; we may have bought the wrong needle size; there may be an error in the pattern.

When we start a project, we may not consciously realize the risk we are taking. Regardless, we are taking a risk. It's only our belief that we will be successful that keeps us motivated.

When a problem does arise we are forced to find a solution.

We may toss the mess out.

Giving up on the project is difficult and some may berate us for being wasteful or lazy. Nevertheless, it is a solution.

For whatever reason dealing with the problem is beyond our ability. So we take a break. Break over, we feel that we will be better equipped to solve the problem.

Still another way to handle the problem is to seek advice. Turning to someone more knowledgeable and more experienced can be humbling. It may involve swallowing our pride, but it may be worth it. Maybe, just maybe, we will find someone who cares, and we will learn that we are not alone.

(I wrote this piece in 2006)

Dana, Meredith Heather and everyone at Decadent Publishing who have helped me with The Sweater Curse,
We've fought the good fight--side-by-side--and on January 10th we shall be victorious.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous, Leanne. And thank you. :-) But remember, without a good story we have nothing to edit. Take a pat on the (be-sweatered) back.

Decadent Publishing

Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you, Heather.
be-sweatered--I love that.
Here's to working with you again soon.