Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Flash Fiction --Without

Yesterday I took a stroll down memory lane. I read my Designer's Note blog. I found this post, I wrote in December 2005.

What this blog means to me

Before I started this blog, I would attack my hubby saying, "Listen to what I just wrote...isn't it amazing? Isn't it wonderful?"
He sat with a pained expression on this face. He had tried to stop me; he had said "No!", but his protests had fallen on deaf ears. He had tried to escape but I cornered him --easy prey.
I stared this blog and began receiving positive comments.
"I thought I'd write to say how much fun I had reading your blog." -K. Eubanks
I shared this email with my hubb, and you should have seen the joy --freedom, sweet, freedom.
I thank you...my hubby thanks you...please keep reading.
In addition to this blog, I've started an island writing group. Thankfully, all members have more talent than I and so my writing is improving. However, currently we are taking a break. They left me saying, "Keep writing." Hopefully, we will re-assemble in the new year. So, you see, I need you. You are my reason to keep writing.
Update: We did reassemble. As well this group I am also a member of an ewriting group. I would highly recommend critique groups to all writers --aspiring, emerging, established authors.
Others know him as a happy man. Always a good word for everyone. "Good to see you. My you look nice. Glorious weather, eh?"
But today...today he has woken in a dark mood. He has fallen into a deep, inescapable loneliness. The pit alllows no sensation to penetrate; no colour, no touch, no warmth; only muffled distant sounds. He is abandoned.
Like a drowning man, he searches for a life preserver. He pulls open drawer ater drawer, only to close each seconds later.
Finally, he finds it. His lings fill. The smoky fog clears. Periwinkle, his favourite shade of blue, fills his vision.
His racing pulse slows as his hand glides lovingly over his teasure. As he pulls the sweater over his head, memories of her fill his mind. He recalls how many times she would squirrel something into her knitting bag just as he casually walked into the living room. Her face revealed her deception like the yarn-a-holic stashing her latest yarn purchase in her freezer.
"Back away from the knitting bag. Nothing to see here." She teased.
He never peeked although he was tempted.
A faint grin shapes his lips at the memory. He pulls the sweater down over his body and once again feels her embrace.
Without was one of a collection of knitting related short stories that appeared in my audio book Novelty Yarn. Novelty Yarn was published in 2006.
Count down: 10 days until The Sweater Curse is published. Visit Decadent Publishing (www.decadentpublishing.com) and tell them how much you're looking forward to it. : )

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