Friday, July 4, 2014

Guest Post Blogger Lynn A Davidson

I am honoured, Leanne, that you asked to interview me since I am not yet a published author. (I'm very pleased that you accepted my invitation, Lynn. And being a published author was never a requirement. I'm interested in learning more about you and your blog.) My showcase right now is my Polilla Writes blog on WordPress, where you found me.

My interest in writing began when I was about ten years old when our teacher asked the class to each write a story. When she read my little tale about a ticklish flower it made her laugh. Her positive comment was heart-warming, but since I was painfully shy, and there was no further encouragement for me, I didn't pursue writing at that time. I did love to read, though, and would seclude myself away with a book whenever I had the chance. Books are still my sweet escape.

When my children were small I began thinking about writing for
publishing. Being inexperienced and unknowledgeable in the market and how things operate I am embarrassed to even look at those submissions of articles and poems now. Some were returned with kind notes, for which I am grateful. Eventually, I became interested in writing children's books. I took an evening course in Children's Literature at Acadia University and was blessed to connect with the professor who became a friend and inspiration to me. She introduced me to authors (some in person) and opened the door wider to my imagination. Later, I furthered my writing education through a correspondence course - Writing Children's Literature - and completed with High Honours in 2002.

Years before that I sent a poem to the editor/publisher of a little
homespun newsletter here in Nova Scotia, and to my surprise my poem was published! Soon afterward a friend encouraged me to start up my own newsletter similar to that one, which I did on a quarterly schedule. In it I printed some of my poetry, and wrote articles of encouragement and Christian teaching. That publication, Valley Sunshine, operated for many years and was received into almost 600 homes in several countries. After my mother died I took a ten-year hiatus from VS, not continuing until a few years ago. Unfortunately, it is again on pause since I am one of my dad's caregivers due to Alzheimer's, and living part-time with him has proven to be an indefinitely long-time commitment, but I hope and plan to continue the newsletter as time and energy allow. My love of the written word has not waned, although finding uninterrupted time to focus on writing can be difficult.

What inspires me? Authors I have met in person and online are great inspiration to me. Since 2010 I have been nudged on and encouraged through participation in writing challenges. Through NaNoWriMo I have the very rough first draft of a novel almost completed. Through picture book challenges I have some drafts started and a couple of manuscripts ready for submission. Through a poetry challenge I get to see the world in a different way. Sometimes I visit a writers chat room for interaction with, and to learn from, other writers - published and pre-published. When stress piles on I enjoy being out in Nature, and since getting a puppy in Winter 2013 I get outside often - like it or not!

Since I am currently not making great progress with my own writing goals, it is my pleasure to help other writers when I can. On my blog I review books and sometimes interview the authors of those books, when I am organized enough to get it pulled together and scheduled. On my blog I have writers helps, and also I'm privileged that an accomplished author chose to post monthly installments of her writers workshop for my readers' benefit.

I admire writers who have the stamina and 'sticktoitiveness' to see it through. I’m working on that, and currently have a list of possibilities for a pen name for my future books. Anything is possible.

Lynn A. Davidson is a wife, mother of four, grandmother of one, living in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. She is a blogger, a pre-published author of children's books, and loves all things Nature-beautiful. Her delight is to encourage and help others through her blog, her faith, and her writings.