Friday, January 17, 2014

Guest Post: Story Girl by Author Katherine Carlson

The Story Girl burns to entertain. 
Yes.  Story Girl is slightly autobiographical, just like all the other stories I've penned.  But only slightly.
Tracy Johnston was incredibly fun to create; her perspective kept my jaw on the floor for most of the time.  She is deeply determined but equally insecure - an insecurity born of a history of rejection in the film biz.
Tracy is sharp and quirky, and possesses a biting, often self-deprecating sense of humour.  She is overstressed, confused, and prone to meltdown.  But her ambition to tell interesting stories keeps her on secure footing - no matter how much she may seem to sway.

Story Girl explores the dynamics of epic dualities: family vs. ambition; roles vs. individuality; and expectation vs. reality.  It's up to our flawed heroine to traverse such daunting chasms.  And we - the sacred audience - get to experience in her often wild attempts at trying to bridge those gaps.

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