Monday, July 15, 2013

Because She Believed In Me by Leanne Dyck (1)

My husband snapped this photo of me while we were at the Church fair this past weekend. 
I may look at little lost but there are books in my arms so you know I'm happy. : )

My creative non-fiction story 'Because She Believed In Me' was published in the Island Writer Magazine:  The literary journal of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands in Winter 2009. I will share that short story with you but I'd like to do a little bit more as well. So today I'll start the little bit more. Ready? Here goes...

Magazine Launch

It was an ordinary day. Then I turned on my computer. Then I read an email from the Victoria Writers Society. My short story will be published in the Island Writer, I thought and my head exploded. Along with the acceptance letter was an invitation to the magazine launch. Would I attend? I didn’t have to think about that question for long. Of course I would.
            “My story’s been accepted,” I told my husband. “And we’re going to the magazine launch.”
            “Have you checked the ferry schedule?”
            I hadn't. I just thought things would work out.
            He followed the maze of numbers. “The last ferry leaves Vancouver Island for Mayne Island at 8:30 p.m.”
            I glanced at the invitation. “The event starts at 8:00 p.m.” What did that mean? Did that meanNo, we have to. “Maybe the launch won’t take that long?”
            “Come on, Leanne. Think. We can’t even drive from the ferry to Victoria and back in half an hour.”
            “But I have to go. I have to. It’s my story… I’ve been chosen.”
            He heaved a heavy sigh. “We’ll find accommodations.”
            I wrapped my arms around my hero. I knew Byron would have a solution. He’s so smart. What will I wear? I had an outfit to plan, a reading to practice and mere weeks to get it all done. I have to start today.
            “You’ll have to find us a place to stay,” Byron said.
            Me? But I have so much to do… Still by the way he was looking at me I knew booking accommodations had just become my responsibility. I studied the invitation. “Out of city guests may enjoy staying at the Rosewood Inn.” Inn? Sounds expensive. “You’ll have to check—”
            “No, you’ll have to,” he told me. “This is your thing. I’m going with you.”
            Oh, Byron, you always make things much harder than they have to be.
            Weeks passed; the day arrived. Byron and I sailed from Mayne Island headed for Vancouver Island. I flipped open my paperback; starred out to sea; read a few paragraphs; stared out to sea; read a sentence; stared out to sea.
            “Yes?” He looked up from his book.
            “What time is it?”
            “Five minutes after the last time you asked.”
            Byron drove the truck out of the ferry terminal. “How do we get to the Rosewood Inn?”
            Honestly, do I have to everything? I opened the file folder that held my author reading, the reservations for our accommodations and… “I printed off a map.”
            “You did?” He sounded surprised.
            I read the street names; Byron followed my directions and I got us all the way there.
Next Monday I'll continue to spin this yarn. I hope you're here to read it.
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Pat Amsden said...

I hope the launch went well and you had a fabulous time. I haven't been to Mayne Island in years but it's a beautiful place.

Do they still have a chocolate shop that makes chocolates from scratch?

Write Despite said...

Congratulations on your story acceptance, Leanne! That's great news. Can't wait to hear how the rest of your trip turned out. --Cathy

Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you, Cathy and Pat, for your comments. I look forward to sharing the rest of my experience with you.

Pat, I'm sorry the chocolate shop closed. But we still have a bakery full of tasty treats as well as three restruants. And if you visit on a Saturday during the summer you'll find mouth-watering munchies at the Farmers market. Um, I wonder why I still have five additional pounds?

Anonymous said...

It's fun to read how writing leads you into different experiences.

Amber Harvey said...

Technical Question: How do you get "Popular Posts" at the bottom of your blog? I'd like to do that.

Leanne Dyck said...

I'm not always sure if what I've written will be of interest to others. So, I really appreciate your 'it's fun to read...' : )

Leanne Dyck said...

Hi Amber,
Ah, your asking a technical question of a non-technical person so please bare with me. : ) (I love to use my blog to build community and my share my writing. The behind the scenes stuff is a little tough. But for you I will try to explain.)
I go to my blog's 'dashboard'. There I find a list: Posts, Pages, etc. I click 'Layout'. Now I'm on 'Page Elements' and I click 'Add a Gadget'. Scroll down until you find 'Popular Posts'. Click on the plus sign beside it. And now you have 'Popular Posts'. I hope that was clearer than mud.

Laurie Buchanan said...

Leanne - I thoroughly enjoyed this "little bit more."

Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you for your comment, Laurie.
I hope you'll enjoy a little bit more next Monday, as well. : )