Monday, July 16, 2012

#photos of a special weekend on Mayne Island

Friday:  Art Show at the library...

 (jazz music)

 (Everyone starts to gather for the author readings)

(Emcee:  Bill Maylone)

 (Amber Harvey read from her children's mystery:  Mayne Island Skeletons.
Photo taken from her web site.)

 (Edward Gale read a poem)

 (Tina Farmilo read a creative non-fiction short story)

 (classical guitar)

 (Arriving home, I realized I didn't have a photo of me. So, I kept my dress on, grabbed the short story and asked my husband to capture my image.)

Saturday:  Farmers' Market...
(Last week I turned the camera lens in on the booth. This time I turned the lens out...)

Also Saturday:  the Church Fair
 (plant sale)

 (book sale--oh, yes, I did purchase an arm load)

 (the popular bottle booth)

 (Joyce Kallweit with her...)


 (Emcee:  Derek Athea)

 (silent auction--careful don't get too close, it's wild down there)

(miniature donkey and horse--adorable but a little camera shy)
Oh, yes and...
Last Monday I spoke proudly of my mother-in-law and casually mentioned her spouse and sons. I told you that these "men folk" were musical. Today I'd like to do a little more than mention it. I would like to invite you to visit my husband's facebook page. He's been sharing his music-- he plays guitar. And I'm so proud of him I could burst--and I think I just have, all over you. : )
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Laurie Buchanan said...

So much TALENT concentrated on one geographic location! Love the photos.

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Yes, there are many jokes about inspiration (and, possibility, ability) being in the water. Maybe that's not far off.