Monday, April 30, 2012

#knitting: designing something new

I'm gearing up for...

Each year I like to present something new--beyond my ever popular baby sweater. So, this year, inspired by the adorable dresses I saw at ArtCraft last year, I've decided to use this cardigan pattern...

reduce the size and knit little girl cardigans. The first one is almost finished.

This one is a little quirky. The other two will be a little more conservative.
When I design I consult the Standards & Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting complied by Craft Yarn Council of America. Although this is a very helpful document there are some things it doesn't included. For example, the width of the sleeve. So I searched the web for a free girl's sweater. I found one and used the information provided to determine how wide I should make the sleeves I was knitting.
Change is in the air.
I've decided to reduce the number of times I blog each week--from five to three. Each day will have a theme...
Homespun Monday--who am I without a pen?
My Author Journey Thursday--reading, writing, submitting, networking
Guest Post Friday
These changes will go into effect this week. I hope you continue to enjoy this blog.
Next post:  May 3rd:  discussing Sleeping Tiger by Holly Robinson


Cathy B. said...

I enjoying your blog. I especially like your new organization system--I know what topic/category to expect on a particular day.

I liked reading about the development of this little girl cardigan. And, I really liked the pattern you used as a base. What is it called? Where is it available?

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you for this wonderful feedback, Cathy.
The pattern is one I've designed called 'Autumn Sunrise'. I've included in a collection of over 20 designs in a book proposal. So, unfortunately, the pattern isn't currently available, but hopefully it will be soon.
Happy knitting