Monday, April 30, 2012

Knitting for a gallery by Leanne Dyck

I'm gearing up for...

Each year I like to present something new--beyond my ever popular baby sweater. So, this year, inspired by the adorable dresses I saw at ArtCraft last year, I've decided to use this cardigan pattern...

reduce the size and knit little girl cardigans. The first one is almost finished.

This one is a little quirky. The other two will be a little more conservative.
When I design I consult the Standards & Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting complied by Craft Yarn Council of America. Although this is a very helpful document there are some things it doesn't included. For example, the width of the sleeve. So I searched the web for a free girl's sweater. I found one and used the information provided to determine how wide I should make the sleeves I was knitting.
Change is in the air.
I've decided to reduce the number of times I blog each week--from five to three. Each day will have a theme...
Homespun Monday--who am I without a pen?
My Author Journey Thursday--reading, writing, submitting, networking
Guest Post Friday
These changes will go into effect this week. I hope you continue to enjoy this blog.
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