Monday, February 6, 2012

Beginning a career in knitwear design by Leanne Dyck

Recently, I led a discussion regarding The Beginning, Middle and End of a career in Knitwear Design.

Where did I acquire my knowledge on this topic?

Well, my career began in August, 2002 and ended in January, 2011. During this time I was a member of the Canadian Knitwear Designers and Artisans as well as the Knitwear Designer Association. I have over 25 designs in my collection. I sold patterns to knitters from Canada, USA, the UK, Japan, Israel and Australia. Designs were featured in A Needle Pulling Thread craft magazine, Accord Publishing's Knitting Calendars and Knit Together (a knitting magazine no longer being published).

Some tips for beginning a career in knitwear design

think of yourself as an apprentice
-learn as much as you can about the craft from a variety of sources
one-on-one from other knitters/knitwear designers/yarn producers
-develop a system for recording and collecting your design ideas
-gleam inspiration from a variety of needlecrafts
-assemble resources (books, websites)

as you attend workshops
 -network with knitters/knitwear designers/yarn producers/magazine publishers
-have a 'community building' or win-win mindset
-take note of the most popular workshops
file this information away for the future when you will be offering your own workshops

When you begin to write your patterns seek the assistance of knitters. They are invaluable resources to proofread your patterns.