Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reading with Dyslexia by Leanne Dyck

Dyslexia doesn't need to be overcome. I don't need to be cured. There's nothing wrong with my brain. It doesn't need to be fixed.
It took me (too) many years to come to this realization. As a young writer, I felt my ability to write or even to navigate through life was reliant on someone else. I didn't trust my own abilities to find solutions or to adapt. This is ironic because problem solving is where dyslexics excel.
Dyslexia isn't a disease--it's a way of thinking. We have abilities and limitations. An area of frustration is language, are words. It takes me, on average, about three months to read a paperback.
Why do I bother?
I read because...
-I love stories
-I enjoy exploring concepts and ideas
-I like meeting and getting to know characters
-I like connecting the dots of plot