Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Books, Authors on TV

The Scotiobank Giller Prize was aired on CBC TV was my favourite TV show.
Well, let me tell you. Finally, Canadian authors--my heroes, mentors, icons--received the attention they deserve. They talked about how they write--and not in a long winded way. Oh, no, they spoke with insight and with a sense of fun. It was a party--for them.
This year there were six authors nominated for the $50, 000 prize--one more than usual. I sat captivated.
My only complaints--it wasn't long enough and it's not a series.
Did you miss here?
Fret not, here's a link to more info and a video
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Anonymous said...

Leanne - $50,000 in prize money is no small chunk of change. Wow!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Hi Laurie,
Yes, I agree. It's inspired me to plan to write more short stories in the new year while working on my larger projects--of course. Write, write, write--I love it. : )