Monday, February 7, 2011

Knit, Knitting, Knitted tutorial

My favourite cast on is the double tail or Contential cast on. Other people may call it other things, but that's what I call it.
Why do I like it?
Or for so many reasons, let me count the ways.
Just kidding.
One reason is because it stretchy. I love a stretchy cast on.
Do you remember the first stitch you cast on last week? Well, here's how you get more on that needle.

To add more stitches just repeat this process.
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow like ocean waves against the short, or stitches caught by my knitting needle.
Valentine's day has had a very bad effect on this blog, I apologize.
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Work on my work in progress
Word count: 26, 200 words
A new sentence added: A presence, a breeze, a movement and I knew.

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