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It's my pleasure to introduce you to interesting, inspiring, and knowledgeable publishing industry professionals through this blog.

( Lou Allin died in 2014. She is dearly missed. A tribute to Lou Allin by Leanne Dyck )


Bloody Words by Lou Allin



Oak Tree Press' Acquisitions Editor Sunny Frazier


Moon Willow Press guest post


S.R. Claridge

Joanna Penn

Lou Allin

Melodie Campbell

Janet Bolin

George Szanto

Jenny Milchman

Anne R Allen

Sharon Wildwind

Robin Stevenson

Amber Harvey

Ben Nuttall-Smith

Laurie Buchanan



Libros Libertad publishing house



Lou Allin takes us to the Crime Writers of Canada award night

Writing Comedy for Rapid Reads--a Perfect Fit! by Melodie Campbell

Laurie Buchanan writes...


Robin Spano

Joan Donaldson-Yarmey

Debra Purdy Kong

Colleen Cross

Phyllis Smallman

Vicki Delany

Sharon A. Crawford

Linda Hall

Chuck Barrett

Peter Carroll

Jake Raymond Needham

Brenda Chapman

Holly Robinson

Arleen Pare

Karen Wojcik Berner

Terri Giuliano Long

Kenneth Weene




Story Plant publishing house


Articles (and a poem by my friend and fellow writer Amber Harvey)

Belle or Holly?:  The Old Order Changeth, Yielding Place to New by Lou Allin

Craft-y Crime by Kay Stewart

Why Mysteries? by Phyllis Smallman

Marc Emery and Me, or How do you research a subject like grow-ops, when you don't smoke weed? by ER Brown 

Knitting a novel by Holly Robinson

Why the Wolf? by Natalee Caple 

article by Arleen Pare

article by Julie Emerson

Sweaters for My Characters by Kenneth Weene

Writers' Circle by Amber Harvey

Jodie Esch writes about her books


Cora J. Ramos

Winslow Eliot

Michael J. McCann

Joyce T. Strand

Darlene Foster

Crystal Favel

Elizabeth Ruth

Melodie Ramone

Alix Ohlin

Susan Schoenberger

Robert Hough

Andrew Demcak

Meg Wolfe

Karen Guzman

Carrie Snyder


Edition Bookbinder

Lisa Van Pelt


Cozy Cat Press publishes light mysteries for niche market

Central Avenue Publishing

Towerbabel by Anthony Chan

Fireship Press by Michael James

Quattro Books

Little Fiction

Ronsdale Press

Literary Journals

Room Magazine:  Canada's oldest literary journal by and about women


Articles (and creative writing by my friends and fellow writers David Burrowes and Gail Woodward)

Katherine Carlson writes about Story Girl

The Road to Publication by Joan Hall Hovey

by Java Davis

Why Even Write by Neil D. Ostroff

Lea Wait writes...

Writing in My Sleep by Meglena Invano

4 Steps to Building Your Author Platform by Rivka Kawano

Why I Write for Children by Darlene Foster

My First Writing Sabbatical by Dean K Miller

article by Author Barbara Jean Coast

article by mystery author Mary Jane Maffini

article on interviewing by Judee Fong

My Mystery Career by Joan Donaldson-Yarmey


Janet Love Morrison

Jan Degrass

Sheila Johnston

Mary Buckham

Carola Dunn

Michael W Sherer

Ayelet Tsabari

Alexandra Bogdanovic

Dennis E Bolen

Erika Chase

Sharon Rowse

Leann Sweeney

Heather Shumaker

Karen K Brees

Lynn A Davidson

Sally Cooper

Shirley Hershey Showalter

Anne Lipton

Dieter Kalteis

Tess Kann



Reality Skimming Press

Victoria Chatham


Maggie de Vries

Jami Macarty


Linda Marshall

Dr. Sigal Haber

Laurie Buchanan 

Pam Withers

Maxine Sylvester


Susin Nielsen

Melissa Chan


Gloria van Donge

Ellen Schwartz