Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sending manuscripts to publishers--Jami Macarty's workshop notes by Leanne Dyck

'Sure ways to avoid the slush pile' 

After reading that description of Jami Macarty's workshop--Get It Out:  A Writer's Guide to the Submissions of Literary Works for Publication--I knew I had to attend.

But really what could I learn? After all, I've been sending submissions to publishers on a steady basis since 2014 (a total of 242 to date). If anything this workshop would serve as a review of what I already knew.

But I'm so glad I did walk through that door. I gathered some very helpful information.

For example...

Before the workshop, if I had a question, after reading the submission guidelines, I'd keep them to myself. I mean I didn't want to bother the editor. She's too busy.

After the workshop, I realize it's far less of a bother to the editor if I ask the question and send the correct information.

Before this workshop, if I found a mistake in the submission I simply re-sent that page.

After the workshop, I know I have to send a letter of withdrawal and then send my revised submission.

Before this workshop, I downplayed my publishing history. Self-publishing? E-books? That's nothing, right?

After the workshop, I have newfound pride in my writing.

Jami Macarty's workshop was interactive, information-rich, empowering, and inspiring.

Photo by Leanne Dyck

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On October 10th this blog turns six. Thank you so much for helping me care for my baby. 
To celebrate, I've written an article titled What Did I Learn This Year
Like what?
Well, like the importance of LinkedIn (how it can help build your career).

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Picture books in Canada

'Pemmican Publications is a book publisher with a mandate to promote Metis authors, illustrators and stories. It is a not-for-profit company that operates as an arm's-length affiliate of the Manitoba Metis Federation. Pemmican publishes on average five to six new titles per year, with titles ranging from cultural studies and autobiographies to illustrated titles for children.' -from Pemmican's website

Photo by Leanne Dyck

Sharing my Author Journey...

Writers write. But what else do writers do?
I leave room each day to read. 

I also leave room to network. Time was networking meant attending a writers' conference and mixing and mingling at a party--or worse some bar. If you're an extrovert you probably love this idea. But I'm an introvert; I like people but... A party?  A bar? Nope. 

Thanks to the Internet there's a faster, easier way--surfing. 

Take a few minutes today or tomorrow to explore the Internet and see what you can uncover. And if someone asks you can say, "Yes, I am working."

Here's what I recently discovered...
-the name of that senior editor I want to query
-a new publishing house that may be interested in my short story collection
-which editor in that large publishing house would might be most interested in my novel
-and this informative article: Agents Talk Children's and YA Trends