Sunday, June 12, 2016

Book review: Burn by Paula Weston

After reading Shimmer (here's a link to that book review), I waited with eager anticipation for Burn--the fourth and final book in the series. And Paula Weston delivered--a kick-butt female protagonist, sizzling sexual tension, and action-packed battle scenes. Burn has everything that Shimmer offered and more.

The More...

Burn summarizes and provides a satisfying conclusion to the series as well as answers burning questions.

Burning questions did Rafa and Gabe's friendship become a romance?
I've seen Rafa shirtless a thousand times, wrestled with him half-naked on the training mats just as often. I've always known how fit he is, but I've never been distracted by his bare flesh before. (p. 31)
And what happened to spoil it. 
No spoilers here. Just one name--Mya. Enticing, yes?

The Ending...

What if you--like Nathaniel (Gabe's adopted father), like Gabe (kick-butt protagonist)--discovered the mission that gave your life purpose was a lie?

Enter Semyaza (Gabe's birth father).

In fact, Burn was just too good. I'm still hungry. Digging for truffles, I came across this quote...
He knows how much worse the next battle will be. (p. 407)
Doesn't that sound like there'll be more?

Paula Weston answers that question in the Acknowledgments...
I've loved writing this story and these characters--and they've certainly brought an amazing new dimension to my world.
For that, I will always be grateful.
I'm so glad I had an opportunity to read Paula Weston's work as I write my first YA novel--even though I'm not writing a fantasy. Weston has taught me the power of writing in the present tense and the secret of how to get inside a character's mind without using the rusty 'I thought'. 


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Sharing my author journey...
In On Writing, Stephen King advises against filling a life with 

writing alone. This week I heeded his words. A decision inspired by my husband's decision to take a week of holidays. But, surprisingly, I still had time to do a little work on the novel I'm currently self-editing and even, this morning, wrote another picture book. Next week my husband and I return to life as usual.