Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 blog plans

The purpose of this blog has evolved over the years. Initially I created it to promote my soon to be released E book--The Sweater Curse. (The Sweater Curse was released in 2010--and I've recently obtained the rights. I've added to the manuscript. It is now novel-length. And I'm currently looking for a publisher for this thriller.)
How do I do that? I struggled to answer that question. And I thought I'd found an answer... Blog endlessly about the book. But this strategy bored even me.

Soon I was ready to try something else. So I began to create posts that where related to the book. The protagonist of The Sweater Curse is a knitwear designer. So I interviewed knitwear designers. I thoroughly enjoyed helping to promote their businesses. And I began sharing the hand knitting patterns I'd designed. I was making a career transition from knitwear designer to author. And I felt that my blog was the prefect place for me to showcase my past success. I was very proud of my designs and I enjoyed sharing them with you but... Recently I've been receiving feedback that has made me think that by including my patterns here I'm muddying the waters. Am I a knitwear designer or an author? Have no doubt I am an author. So for the sake of purity of purpose and to enhance clarity I will be removing these patterns from my blog in 2014. 

Though I knew this change was necessary, I was still a little uneasy about it. Would it mean less traffic? Did I have the right to make this change knowing that so many people enjoyed my patterns? These worries and more raced around in my head--until I read Victoria Grefer article 4 Tips to Blog Your Best

What will become of my hand knitting patterns? I'm still trying to answer that questions...

In 2014 I will reduce the number of times I post on this blog from three times a week to two. Thursday and Friday are too close together. If I post late on Thursday and early on Friday it's like I didn't post on Thursday. 
And besides with my new clarity of focus there is no 'without a pen'. This is an author's blog.
Monday's theme will be 'my author journey.' Each Monday I'll post about the events I attend; the things I learn and the stories I read and write.
On Guest Post Friday I will continue to help to promote those in the publishing industry--authors, publishers, editors, and...

This entire article can be summarized into two sentences:  Leanne Dyck's blog is a writing blog. Leanne Dyck is a writer.

2014 will be an exciting year. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.
Next post (Friday):  Literature As An Oppositional Disorder by Ernest Hekkanen


Laurie Buchanan said...

Love your focus. Love your strength of purpose.

Leanne Dyck said...

: ) Thank you, Laurie.
It's amazing what can happen when you listen to your heart.

June Lorraine Roberts said...

Congrats Leanne on sorting through what kind of blogger you want to be and who you are when you are online. It can be challenging at times.
All the best in 2014

Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you for your comment, June Lorraine. You're right it was a slow realization. But the journey has been enjoyable.

Darlene said...

All the best in 2014 Leanne! I never doubted you were a writer. perhaps have section just for your knitting patterns.(a separate tab)

Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you for your comment, Darlene.I'm toying with the idea of having a separate blog--but then I'd have two to maintain, cutting into my writing time too much. Or perhaps an Ebook but... Still thinking.

mooderino said...

Sounds like a good plan. You could always set up a tumblr for your knitwear patterns. Very good for short, visual posts.

Moody Writing

Meg Wolfe said...

Good move! But it is possible to have a separate page on your blog for the posts on knitting and the patterns. You don't need to update it frequently, but it's there for others who share the hobby. I love blogs that have another dimension, providing that dimension doesn't get in the way of the main message.

BTW, I finally finished the novel I was working on last year, and will be undergoing the final draft later this month after I get feedback from my Reader Team. It's been a real learning experience!

Happy 2014, and may your blog live long and prosper.

Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you for your comment, Meg. I did have a separate page (tab) for my knitting. But the feedback I was receiving told me that people were having a lot of trouble figuring out if I wanted to be a knitwear designer or an author. As I am building my author career, I viewed this as a real problem. I am very proud of my knitting patterns and wish I could find a way to showcase them--without detracting from my present goals.