Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas surprises

Christmas blessings... Christmas miracles...

Each year I wait for them. Each year I'm not disappointed.

This year is no different. Two have already happened and it's only December 10th.

I'll call the first occurrence:  room for me. The seeds were planted last month when I emailed the editor of the literary journal Canadian Stories

You see, I'd written an account of an island adventure that I thought he might be interested in. 

He wrote, I'll try and stuff your "Christmas Story" in somewhere.
The magazine is actually at the first draft stay but I'll work it. What's an editor for?

Canadian Stories arrived in the mail last Friday. I flipped through the pages, hunting for my story. I was thrilled when I found this...

 on page 63.

Thank you, Ed!

The second occurrence happened to my husband. But I planned a key role.  

You see, I wanted to participate in the Christmas Craft Fair but it was my turn to serve as church usher. That's right. Basically I wanted to be two places at one time. What to do? 

Hubby to the rescue.I asked him to fill in for me at the Craft Fair from 10 to 11 AM. 

(delicious preserves)

Now, he's never sat a booth before. And he wasn't thrilled about the idea. But I needed him and he said yes. 

(fashion-forward felt hats)

10 AM rolled around, I kissed him and promised that I'd be back as soon as I could.

(beautiful art)
How revealed do you think he was when I re-appeared fifteen minutes later?
(fun felted toys)
"What happened?" he asked.

"I got the dates wrong," I said. "I usher December 16th not 9th."

(well crafted leather work)
Christmas miracles. Watch for them. They'll happen to you, too.

(stylish pottery)

The merry marketers will be on the grounds of the Agricultural Society Hall on Mayne Island all summer long. Come to Mayne Island for the beauty. Shop for the must-haves. 
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