Thursday, November 29, 2012

Writers' Retreat memories by Leanne Dyck

In November (22 to 25), 2012, I attended the Federation of BC Writers writers' retreat. 

Located high on a mountain on Denman Island, this retreat included a blue pencil critique as well as an opportunity to share our writing. It was well worth attending.

Part of the fun was the journey... 

Our first stop...

Lunch with friends
(Gail Woodward, Amber Harvey, Doreen Dyck (our driver and my mother-in-law), me and Robin Spano (who meet us at the restaurant)

Walking the labyrinth (Thanks to Crystal Favel for this photo and the one below)

Back row:  Amber Harvey, Kelly Dycavinu, Patricia Dobie, Rosemary Rigsby, Crystal Favel
Front row:  Pandora Ballard, me (Leanne Dyck), Ben Nuttall-Smith, Gail Woodward

Where the magic happened

Each night we were invited to read our work. I read a flash fiction piece the first night; a short story and poem on the second night. I was delighted to have such a supportive and attentive audience.
(Thanks to Pandora Ballard for this photo and the one below)

I appreciate Ben Nuttall-Smith taking the time and trouble to fine tune my writing. His pencil moved skillfully through my manuscript adding clarity and removing "fatty" extra words. I know I will continue to benefit from his guidance.

Retreat organizer Pandora Ballard and Federation of BC Writers vice-president Ben Nuttall-Smith worked tirelessly on behalf of the group. The retreat was a great success and I look forward to next year.

My room contained a comfortable bed and a large desk. What more could my muse and I ask for?

After four days I missed my husband but really didn't want to leave.