Monday, August 1, 2011

Finishing a sweater

Please excuse my tardy post. I was recovering from a delightful weekend -- more about that on Thursday.
Today we'll discuss the sensitive topic of how to finish a sweater. It's sensitive because each knitter has their own way of attacking this goal. In truth, my approach varies slightly with each sweater.
Here's how I spent two hours this morning.
I collected all the little pieces...the sleeves, body, pocket and toque -- plus my supplies -- ruler, needle, pins and scissors.

I folded the sleeve in half horizontally and match the centre of the sleeve to the centre of the where the sleeve will go on the sweater.

I pinned the sleeve in place.

Attached one sleeve.

Then I attached the other and laid the sweater inside out on the table.

I folded the sweater in half horizontal to locate the centre of the sweater.

Next I attached the pocket.

I used mattress stitch to sew the seam on the cuff, hem and collar.

As well as on the underarm.

I don't use the mattress stitch to sew the body of the sweater. Other knitters do but I prefer to simply use what -- I think -- is referred to as a tailor stitch. It's both easier and -- I think -- is a nicer finish.

Last I sewed the seam on the toque using the mattress stitch.

I think this may be the cutest sweater of the litter. I'll take pictures of the others once they are finished so you can pick your own favourite.

It's sunny here -- hope it's sunny there.


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Anonymous said...

Leanne - I love the soft colors in this sweater!

The Sweater Curse said...

Thank you, Laurie.
I can't wait to show you the other ones. : )