Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photojournalism report from Bloody Words

We arrive at the Hotel Grand Pacific--site of the Bloody Words writers' conference
Bloody Words is the largest gathering of crime writers--and related genre--in Canada.


I attended this conference with my friend Amber Harvey. She has an informative post regarding the conference on her blog.

Conference organizer Lou Allin prepares to introduce William Deverell

Canadian author William Deverell is interviewed by Adrain Chamberlain

Some of what I learned...

-write what you know

-don't be afriad to junk great chapters if they don't fit

-to be a successful author you have to want it really badly

-read a lot

-learn the craft

-William Deverell begins each day by re-writting

-don't wait for your muse

-avoid overwriting

-use an outline to guide you

-get to know your characters

Grant McKenzie interviewed the international guest of honour Tess Gerritsen

'medicial suspense queen' -publisher weekly

Some of what I learned...

-readers want to know secrets

-to write well you need to read a lot

-find an emotional charge to ignite your story

-half-way through writing your story you'll want to walk away--don't

Remember: you can fix a bad page, but not a blank page

-successful authors need to write a book a year (at least)

-there's no one right way to write--what works for you works for you

Michael Slade's Shock Theatre

a recreation of 1940s radio play

You: So, Leanne, how did your literary agent interview go?

Me: Thanks for asking. I wrote a post revealing all for the Decadent Publishing's blog


Also today, I'm visiting Author Stephanie Willimas' blog


Anonymous said...

Leanne how wonderful. So great to vicariously be there through your images and writing.

I particularly like that part of publishing a book a year to be a successful writer.

For painting it generally takes painting and selling 80 paintings a year to make a $50,000 a year full-time living as an artist.

What this does is help us to keep in mind the kind of volume that is required IF that is what we want to do. Personally, at this time in my life, I am happy with 20-40 paintings a year.

I have a feel though, you are going to aim for that book a year - and I support you in doing just that. Go for it Leanne!

Anonymous said...

Leanne - This is FANTASTIC!!