Sunday, November 4, 2018

Shared Passion (short story) by Leanne Dyck

Like-minded women meet in the forest to engage in their shared passion.

photo by ldyck

Shared passion

A black blanket envelopes the earth. All is quiet…and still I am drawn by a wordless call. I am careful to wake no one as I leave my slumber. I wrap my shawl around my night-gowned shoulders, grab my purse. Slipping into the night, I leave the familiar and travel deep into the forest. My footfalls are quick and sure. I come to a
natural clearing in the woods. Here they wait. Their skin tone ranges from milk to butter to cinnamon. Some faces have been touched by the graceful brush of age. Other faces time has yet to alter. All are my sisters. I join the circle.

Our craft is ancient. Our magic is strong. We draw from our purses that which unites us. We begin to chant faintly at first and then louder and louder until our words echo from the treetops.

I pledge my knitting for social action,
My yarn for greater warmth,
I knit for the neglected, abandoned and abused.
I knit for those with no voice, no home, no one.
I knit for those with greatest need.

Suddenly from the sky travels a streak of light. It flies from sister to sister briefly touching each knitting needle. Enlivened by the light our needles dance. Sweaters, gloves, scarves, toques, blankets fall from our needles. As quickly as they appear they vanish. Our love sends them to those in need. All too quickly that which drew us bids
us part. Exchanging a smile with my sisters, I slip from the circle back to my bed. The sanctity of this place remains deep within my heart.


Knitting for charities

What groups or individuals would benefit from your stitches?

Ask your friend, coworkers, family members, local hospitals, doctor's office, public health nurse, shelters, transition houses, hospice, local nursing homes, day care centres, police officers, victim assistance programs, social worker, places of worship, food distribution centres, local government officials

Snuggles Project:  Knit blankets for homeless animals
This is a United States-based charity
Contact your local animal shelter to volunteer to knit for them. 

Project Linus:  Knit blankets for seriously ill and traumatized children, ages 0 to 17
This is a Canadian based charity
Do an online search for a Project Linus in your area.

Blankets for Canada Knit blankets for Canadians who need warmth

Where can you find free or inexpensive yarn?

Ask your knitting friends, thrift shops, yarn shops

What kind of yarn should you use?

When knitting items such as toques, mitts, gloves or socks choose a yarn that is durable and easy care. When knitting blankets or baby clothes choose a yarn that is soft.

I found Shared Passion while sorting through computer files and thought you might like it. It was written in the early 2000s (possibly 2005)--and included in my self-published audiobook. I recently polished it, slightly.

my dad circa 1940s

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My dad's Remembrance Day speech
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My Top Secret Christmas Knitting Project

Once upon a time, a knitter got wrist pain and the experts said, "I recommend you take a year off from knitting."
The knitter did. But after a year the knitter still experienced pain caused by knitting. Year after year, the knitter couldn't knit. Until... until this year...

On Thursday, October 18, I bought six skeins (approximately 1140m/1248 yds) of Patons' Decor yarn (Amparo Blue) from Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria on Vancouver Island.

After winding two skeins into balls (to find knots or other problems), I cast on 80 stitches from each ball. I worked in Stockinette stitch for 7 inches [17.78cm] and then began shaping by decreasing two stitches every second row until 40 stitches remained and the sleeves measured 14 inches [35.56cm]. I worked in 2 x 2 rib for 8 inches [20.32cm]. Three days later, I cast off loosely in pattern with right side facing. 

I'm loosely following a pattern I wrote in 2010--making changes as I go. Basically, I'm knitting like I write. What it looks like when it's done will be a surprise for you, me and the intended recipient (who doesn't even I'm knitting it. So please, sh-h-h ☺ )