Sunday, August 27, 2017

Directionless by Leanne Dyck (short story)

If you're lost never ask me for directions. Here's why...

'Eriksdale' by ldyck

The day I brought my boyfriend, Byron, home to meet my parents, Mom made us a mouth-watering meal. After supper, she brought us slices of pie and coffee with... "Leanne graduated from High School with an award in Language Arts."

"She completed nine-months in service to this country," Dad added, between sips. "Through a program called Katimavik."

"And earned a diploma from the University of Winnipeg," they chimed in together.

I felt like a prized pony. I looked over at Byron and I thought I saw him yawn. 

"What's she done lately?" he asked. "I'll tell you. She tried to take me to Rosser."

"Rosser?" Mom asked. "Where's that?"

"Exactly." Byron looked from Mom to Dad. "Ya see, instead of remaining in the centre of the province and heading for Eriksdale, Leanne's navigation took us west to Rosser. We would have ended up in Saskatchewan if I hadn't clued to." He swung his hand at the window to a whirling mass of blinding white snow. "In. This. Ravaging. Blizzard." He took a sip of coffee. "That's what your daughter has done, lately."

Eriksdale, Manitoba
Rosser, Manitoba