Sunday, January 3, 2016

It's All Good by Leanne Dyck

(photo by Leanne Dyck)

Think back over what you've accomplished so far today this year. If a camera crew had followed you would you have made the news? Would you have inspired or entertained? Maybe...not. Yet those hours are part of the body of work you call your life. 

As is your life, so is your writing. Not everything you write will be published. Not everything deserves to be. 

No, it may not be validated by another. And yet it's not a waste--even if you ball it up and toss it in the garbage put in the recycle bin. It may be waste but it isn't a waste. It has helped to improve your craft--even if all you have discovered is that writing is still fun. 

And so, my friend, write. Fill your days with ink on paper. It is the way of Shakespeare, Steven King, Pauline Johnson. It is the writer's way.

Wishing all contented days full of writing/reading in 2016.

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Sharing my author journey...

This week I'm working on a picture book that was inspired by my

past--working as an Early Childhood Educator in day care centres.

Another reason to continue to write is that you are more easily inspired. And not only that but you are more able to work with that inspiration.