Monday, March 31, 2014

How do you get published? (a poem, of sorts)

Accompanying this post are photos of spring on Mayne Island--taken this weekend. Enjoy. : ) 

How do you get published?

Fluffy white clouds
Colour rich rainbows
Songbirds sang
I typed, wrote for hours, days, weeks, years, decades

People, who looked like me, walked and others ran past
I followed
I came to a sign and read, 'Publishing House'
An arrow pointed the way
I continued down that road
Until I stood in front of a white wall
Others stood there too
But they were soon gone
Where did they go?

I heard noises
It sounded like a party
"Hey, why don't you join us?" someone called
I searched high; I searched low
But I couldn't find a doorknob or even a door

Someone else walked up
"Hey, can you tell me how to get." I pointed at the wall. "Inside."
"Sure," she said. "Here's the key." She handed me a note.
I unfolded the note and read, "Keep writing and submitting."
And so I did.

I haven't got in, not yet.
But I know I will, soon.
And when I do, I'll pass the key on to you.

Sharing my author journey...
I'm planning April's wonderful writing adventures. This month I want to attend...

on Thursday, April 17th a launch
Room literary journal sent me an email about this exciting event.
They wrote, 'We'll be launching this issue [37.1 Fashion, Trend and Personal Style edited by Taryn Hubbard & Nailah King] at Cottage Bistro, located at 4468 Main Street in Vancouver, on April 17 alongside EVENT, Poetry is Dead, and PRISM International. The fun starts at 7 p.m. and will feature a reader from each of the four magazines. Hope to see you there.

on April Friday, 25 & Saturday, 26  New West Lit Fest
Huge plus for an author at this end of her career, this festival is free.

Friday's guest post:  an article by children's fiction and mystery author Lea Wait 


Laurie Buchanan said...

Leanne - I thoroughly enjoy the way your share your creative writing "pulse" with your readers — thank you!

Leanne Dyck said...

And I enjoy sharing my writing with my readers. Thank you for your comment, Laurie. : )