Monday, December 2, 2013

We Deserve To Be Served!

I'm taking a brief from sharing the my Christmas knitting patterns.
Well, there's trouble in paradise and you need to know about it.
My husband, Byron Dyck, explains...

(photo by Leanne Dyck)

Translink kills Queen of Nanaimo 
(Queen of Nanamio is a B.C. Ferries Vessel)
Byron Dyck

If you thought commuting from the gulf islands was hard because of the ferry system. Just wait... it gets better! I wish. Actually, it just got worse. Much worse. So much worse that the 620 bus schedule change could signal the end of the Queen of Nanaimo. The final nail that BC Ferry execs have been trying to drive into the coffins of Gulf Islanders for decades. The 620 bus leaving Tsawwassen terminal is going to coincide uncannily closely with the Vancouver-Victoria sailings. To be clear, that is coincide ONLY with the major passenger routes. So, when the Queen of Nanaimo brings in the handful of over-paying passengers from the Gulf Islands in the morning, they have a one and a half hour wait for a bus. Now, if the Queen of Nanaimo could leave a quarter of an hour earlier, or the 9:15 am bus could leave fifteen minutes later, the Gulf Islanders could still be catered to without spoiling everything for the "predominant customer base from Swartz Bay". Since the bus schedule is less likely to change than Stephen Harper resigning the alternative to waiting for 1.5 hours in the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal Arrivals area, I suspect that I won't be the only one abandoning the morning Queen of Nanaimo run. I'll go through Swartz Bay instead and ride on the "big ones" - exactly what the BC Ferry execs want - one less run, and then another... I wasn't wondering before why there wasn't a replacement vessel (ANY VESSEL) for the two weeks the Queen of Nanaimo was out of service. If you can't see the writing on the wall, you don't know what collusion means.

How much less ridership can the Queen of Nanaimo take before they determine that they have to cut it altogether?

You're not paranoid if someone is out to get you. If BC Ferries doesn't get you, Translink is waiting to screw you as soon as you land.

We are tax-payers and so it's not unreasonable to expect service. And as a concerned citizen my husband contacted Translink. Below is that correspondence...

Byron writes...
I just found out that the 10:00 am bus from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal will no longer be available after December 16th. As a commuter from the gulf islands to Richmond this will greatly affect my ability to get to work in a timely fashion. The 10:00 am bus means that we already wait for a half
hour for a connection.

Tranlink's replies...
Thank you for your feedback.  The changes to the 620 bus schedule was made as a result of a review of the ferry and transit travel patterns.  The predominent customer base is from Swartz Bay and we were frequently providing overload trips while underutilizing some trips that met other ferry service.  Many of the overload trips involved taking buses off other routes to help with heavy passenger loads from the ferry.  The schedule changes have not resulted in a decrease in service hours for the 620 bus.  It is a reallocation of resources to try to best meet the passenger demand at the ferry.  Our Service Planning Department will be monitoring and accessing these changes.  We apologize for any inconvenience these may changes may cause you.  We have assigned your comments to the Service Planning Department.

Customer Relations Department


Laurie Buchanan said...

I hate the problem, but I appreciated the way you laid it out in a clear, concise, and articulate manner — making it easy for an outsider to understand.

Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you, Laurie. I'll pass your very helpful feedback on to my husband.

Leanne Dyck said...

On behalf of my husband and myself, I'd like to thank everyone who read and, or promoted this post.

Leanne Dyck said...

Thanks Translink for listening and serving our needs.