Monday, October 1, 2012


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Well, if you've looked around this site or are a frequent visitor to this blog, you know that I design hand knitting patterns and write stories. But did you know...that I also...have invented...a board game to promote reading.

Unfortunately, after watching the Dragons' Den I learnt that I probably won't become a millionare marketing this game. So... Moving on...

Lately another invention has been purculating in my brain. I'll give it to you for free. Ready? Here goes...

Saw and nail a frame to form a headboard for your bed.

Cover this headboard in a stiff fabric such as denim.

Add pockets to hold items--pen and a notepad; a paperback; glasses and kleenex.

I know. I hear you.

You:  What a brilliant idea, Leanne. You've eliminated the need for a nightside table. Everything is in one convenient location. Thank you so much. You're a genius.

Me:  You're welcome. Think of me as you grow rich from my idea. 
: )
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Update: (Tuesday) I just typed 'bed headboard with pockets' into a search engine--and, it turns out I'm not as brilliant as thought I was. Apparently tons of people had the same idea. I guess that's the thing about good ideas... (They're every where)
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Laurie Buchanan said...

Lanne - You're brilliant! There's no doubt about it.

Author Leanne Dyck said...

: ) Thanks, Laurie. You're very kind.

Renee said...

You may not have been the first to come up with this idea but you may be the one to perfect it. I think that you should build a sample.

Author Leanne Dyck said...

: ) Thanks for your vote of confidence, Renee. However, I think that I'm going to pass. You see I have this writing career I'm excited in launching.