Thursday, August 2, 2012

Plans for August


(pictured here, a little nervous, at my wedding--he was 72 years old)

Oh, my dad... I could write a novel. He could be a cleverly silly man. When I was wee he dubbed me, "Lannie, Annie, Hootenanny." Hence my passion for blackberry jam, straw hats and bluegrass music. : )
When my husband and I moved to Mayne Island we were invited to the Horton Bay Hoot. This led us to ponder, A what? Where are we? 
It took us a few years to accept this invitation. When we finally did we wondered what took us so long. We found the best of Mayne Island--a laid back gathering of friends and neighbours; delicious food; music, dance, and...
Sadly, this Sunday, August 5th the last Hoot will be held on the grounds of the Agricultural Society Hall. This event will begin at 7 PM. I was thrilled to be invited to present an author reading. I've asked my friend Nan to accompany me on stage. Nan had already been asked to sing. Few know that we will be performing together. Can you keep a secret?
Here's another--in my heart I sing, "Oh, Hoot. Dear Hoot. Don't fade away. Evolve, transform and last forever."

An unfortunate absence...

If you study the schedule of guest posts listed on this blog, you may have found an omission. There are no guest posts listed for August 17th and 31st.
Why? You may have wondered.
Well, unfortunately, I will be away from my computer on these dates. I apologize.

The new Mayne Island home for my mother-in-laws handcrafted purses...

I did plan to add photos of the purses to this post. However, I forgot my camera when I went to see the purses. I will try to remember my camera next time. Apologizes. Thank you for your patience--and interest.
Work in progress
Last week I reported that my muse and I had little time to meet. Well, this week I discovered that this was a good thing. It allowed me to find a few things that required my attention. I had aged a character 35 years in half this time. I'm developing a timeline to ensure this won't occur again. Sometimes preparing to write is as important as actually writing. Oh, yes, and spending time away from my muse has also allowed me to do some very important research.
Word count: 20, 179 words
Next post:  Please welcome Author Sandra Nikolai


laurie Buchanan said...

"Lannie, Annie, Hootenanny."

Oh how fun!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you for your comment, Laurie. Interestingly that nickname didn't stick. However, if I ever become a country music singer I'm all set. : )