Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#reading: The Sweater Curse chapter 3, page 3

Today I'll share the last page of chapter 3--and close the book on The Sweater Curse. If you'd like to continue reading visit Decadent Publishing or one of the many other ebook sellers listed on the side bar.

The Sweater Curse

Chapter three

"Grandma Hannah," they cheer.

She bends to scoop them into a warm embrace. They all smile and giggle.

Merrily, the group parades into the house. The youngest holds Grandma's hand.

"Grandma's home, Grandma's home," the children sing to a gaggle of adults.

One of the adults, an old guy--her new husband--is the first to greet her. "Welcome home, darling. I missed you." He wears a buttoned-down, baby-blue shirt and beige trousers. His hair is snow-white, and he sports a well-groomed moustache. He draws her close, and they share a kiss.

"Oh, you two are such love birds," one of the younger women coos.

Oh, look! She's pregnant.

Mother turns to the woman and rubs the swollen tummy. "How are you feeling, dear?"

"Oh, much better. Thank you for your advice."

They share a smile.

Oh, how sweet. I've seen enough.

Mother appears to have changed. She's mellowed, retracted her claws, and no longer sharpens her fangs by gnawing on young flesh.

Her life is full, happy, successful.

Well, hurray for her. It makes me sick.

There isn't a scarp of evidence of Dad's and my existence. No pictures in her office or anywhere in her house. I wonder if she's ever even uttered our names. Does she even think about us?

She didn't mourn. She moved on.

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