Thursday, February 23, 2012

Please welcome the new publishing house Bono Bookstore

Decadent Publishing is adding to the family. Our new imprint, Bono Books, opens in 2012 and will feature Decadent's sweet romances, mainstream fiction, non-fiction, and young adult fiction.
We contemplated the addition several times during 2011, but the timing hadn't been right. Once we decided to take the leap, however, everything fell into place fairly easily (knock on wood--we're not done yet!).
After a bit of contemplation and research, Bono Books was named, and we're happy to have our baby imprint underway. Bono means 'good', and many associate the name with the iconic singer, Bono, from U2. That works for me, he's timely, classic, quality and cutting edge, not to mention generous and creative.
Decadent Publishing's sweeter titles will show on the new site, and we'll also be taking submissions for the imprint. If an author has a manuscript in one of the genres we're seeking, they can submit through our regular email until the Bono site is live. Guidelines are generally the same as our Decadent Publishing guidelines, with the caveat that the 'heat level' should be no higher than 2 on our scale. You can see our guidelines here. Decadent has earned a reputation for quality, and that will definitely carry over to the new imprint. Readers can expect interesting and well-executed stories, and Bono will have the same promotion, support, and editorial staff behind it that Decadent enjoys.
We hope readers find something special on the new site, and continue to come back for more Bono reading!

Leanne adds: I'm very proud to add that The Sweater Curse is a Bono Bookstore book.

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