Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blog plans for 2012

Thank you so much for visiting me here--last year. It has been fun and I want to keep on keeping on this year.
I've been thinking about what has been working and what needs to be improved. As you may of noticed, on this blog, each day has a theme.

Monday's theme was knitting--patterns (designed by me), techniques, project report, craft show plans
Tuesday's theme was writing--short stories (written by me), comments on writing
Wednesday's theme was The Sweater Curse--chapters shared through podcasts and blog entries, etc.
Thursday's theme was random posts--life on Mayne Island, bluegrass festivals, my amateur photography etc.
Friday's theme was author interviews--so far I've interviewed over 50 authors
Saturday's theme was promotion--book releases, etc.

Reviewing last year I'm very pleased at how well everything (most things) were working. So most things will remain unchanged.
Most things...

Monday's theme will be knitting
Tuesday's theme will be writing
Wednesday's theme will be reading
Thursday's theme will be random posts
Friday's theme will be author interviews

Yup, this blog will sleep on the week-end. However, keep your eyes open because there might be some surprises.

I'm very excited about Wednesday's new theme.
What will I be offering on Reading Wednesdays?

-new book promotion
-book reviews
-general thoughts about reading from a dyslexic who has grown from a reluctant reader to a ravenous one

Reading Wednesday starts in February
Next post:  reading The Sweater Curse chapter 2, page 4


Anonymous said...

Lovin' your schedule! Look forward to what you'll share

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you, Laurie. : )