Monday, November 14, 2011

Writing contests

I received these two anouncements in my email inbox...

This from the Writer's Digest...

Wanted to share a couple of  "competition" updates with you:
* The 81st Annual Writing Competition is now accepting entries at:
* Show Us Your Shorts! The deadline is tomorrow for the Writer's Digest Short Short Competition - for fiction 1500 words or less. Visit
Prizes include:  
First Place: $3,000 and a trip to the Writer’s Digest Conference
Second Place: $1,500
Third Place: $500
Fourth Through Tenth Place: $100
Eleventh Through Twenty-Fifth Place: $50 gift certificate for Writer’s Digest Books


This from Canada Writes

Looking for your True Winter Tales

Can you smell it in the air? Before long, winter will be here… As delighted – or dejected – as you may be by that statement, you must admit that Canadians feel passionately about the season. You either love it, or you hate it. And whether you were born in the snowy depths of a Manitoba blizzard, or immigrated to Toronto and saw your first snowfall only as an adult, everyone in this country has a personal story to share about winter.

And we want yours!

This November, Canada Writes is hosting a Winter Tales Writing Challenge (in association with the Canada Council for the Arts and The Massey Lectures). And we’ve got $1,000 to give away!

The challenge

We are looking for you to send us your true winter stories. Did something special happen to you on that last day of school before Christmas break? Did you find yourself oddly missing the cold that one year you lived abroad? How about any peculiar events that transpired during the great Quebec ice storm of 1998?

The details

We will be accepting your stories between November 2nd and 20th. All submissions must be between 400 and 500 words, and sent electronically through our contact form. There is no fee to participate. And only one entry per person is permitted.

The judge

The Winter Tales Writing Challenge will be judged by author and essayist Adam Gopnik. As this year’s Massey Lecturer on the subject of winter, Adam’s already in the “winter zone” and ready to read your best cold-weather tales.

The prize

The winner of our Winter Tales Writing Challenge will receive a $1,000 cash prize from the Canada Council for the Arts. The winning story will also be prominently featured on the Canada Writes site.


Get in touch with us at

CBC Radio
P.O. Box 6000
Montreal, QC, H3C 3A8


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