Sunday, October 30, 2011

Celebrating the day

 Is this a beautiful mess?
 Or beautiful yarn?
 Is today Halloween?
Or Samhain?

For me, today, marks a new beginning. I'm celebrating by reviewing my life.
Today I ask, what do I need to elimate from my life? What negative emotion is blocking my positive energy?
Once I have an answer, I will write the negative emotion on a piece of paper, place the paper in a bowl and watch it burn. As it burns I will chant...

Wise one of the waning moon,
Goddess of the starry night,
I create this fire within your cauldron,
to transform that which is plaguing me.
May the energies be reversed: from darkness, light!
From bane, good! From death, birth!
(From Wicca:  A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham)

Then I will cast on stitches for a new life.

May your celebration be merry.
Next post:  NaNoWriMo


Anonymous said...

Leanne -

Loving the positive, action-oriented intent you've written about here!

Anonymous said...

You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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Author Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you both for your kind comments.