Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gwen, teenage rebel (The Sweater Curse)

In this exceprt from The Sweater Curse, Gwen Bjarnson discusses her teenage rebellion.

After my dad died, my official address remained unchanged. My school and other governing bodies believed I still lived with Mother. They didn't know about our severed relationship.

Periodically, I would visit my old residence, when I knew she wasn't there. I didn't break in. I had a key. An envelope would be waiting for me there on the kitchen table. Inside would be a lump of bills and a note. I rolled the unread note inot a joint. It relaxed me to "Love, Mom" go up in flames as I puffed. I would suck in Mary Jane's sweet breath and poke it out on Mother's curtains, walls, and rugs. Just one of the many ways I would let her know I still cared.
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