Thursday, September 8, 2011

At the Chilliwack Bluegrass Festival

 Chilliwack Bluegrass Festival

 Our home for three days and two nights. Thanks to a generous family member who lives in the area.

 Doesn't my husband look handsome in his uniform. You'll see him again -- performing his volunteer duties.

 George McKnight (Master of Ceremonies Bluegrass and Acoustic Music events) addresses Ron Hudson (Executive Director Chilliwack Community Arts Council)

 Foggy Hogtown Boys
 Cedar Hill
 Great Northern Planes
 HighRise Lonesome
 III Generation
 Earl Brothers
 Bull Harman & Bull's Eye
 Bull's son Wyatt joins the band
 Corn Shuckin contest -- band members participate
 Stage Crew
Snohomish County Bluegrass Orchestra
The only bluegrass orchestra in the world.
Legend:  A few years ago, band members entering Canada from the States were required to pay over four hundred when they crossed the boarder. An additional hundred dollar fee was charged for every additional crossing. Cedar Hill, Great Northern Planes, III Generation, Bull Harman and Bull's Eye as well as the Earl Brothers all had to cross this border. As you can see, this would have been an overwhelming expense for the festival to encur. Clearly something had to be done.
Ron Hudson, executive director, found a loop-hole. Bands with more than fourteen members could cross for free--and the Snohomish County Bluegrass Orchestra was formed.
Despite the fact that the fee no longer needs to be paid, the tradition continues. Members of all the bands perform together during the finale--and, may I just say, as a fan, this is a thrill.


holessence said...

Leanne - one of the cool things about your blog is that a reader never knows what to expect. It could be about knitting, an interview, your book, writing tips, or you sharing one of your adventures with us.

Ya gotta love it!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Hee glad to read that you're entertained by my mixed bag. However, there is method to my maddness. To see what's coming at you when scroll down to my blog schedule. Monday is knitting. Tuesday is writing. Wednesday we focus on The Sweater Curse (book). Thursday is random (so the muse can play). Friday I interview authors (sometimes knitwear designers). Saturday...I'm working on a wonderful surpries. Sunday I usually I rest, but some days I can't stay. I love blogging. : )