Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Addressing Grief (part 2) (A scene from The Sweater Curse)

The next morning, Jay gently stroked my hair. "You need time. Don't go to work today. Stay in bed. I'll explain. They'll understand." I knew they would. We kissed. I pulled the covers over my head and tried to sleep.

When Jay came home. I was still in bed. "How are you, Gwen, honey?"

"I just wish I'd told her how much she meant to me, how much I loved her."

Jay held me as I started to cry again. "She knew."

"I just wish I could have told her good-bye, paid my respects."

"It's not too late," he said.

"What do you mean?"

"You can write her a letter. We'll go to the park with a bottle of wine, your note, matches, and a saucer. You can burn your note, and we'll scatter the ashes under the tall maple tree." And that's what we did.

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