Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Not to Fear by Robert C. Roman


Michaela Miles is Philly's best detective. Sometimes her methods are medieval, but that's not surprising. Michaela has been fighting evil for nearly four hundred years.

George Matthew Franklin, Matt to his friends, is on the cutting edge of forensic science. He has been paired up with the city's best detective to prove what the new techniques can do. There's only one problem: he won't find much evidence if he can't take his eyes off his new partner.

Michaela and Matt make enemies, because Bad Guys don't like detectives or investigators. Demons and Fae, Vampires and Thugs, none of them can get away with misbehaving when these two are on the case. When they all join forces to take vengeance, everyone involved will learn that there are always worse things to fear.



"You wanted to see me, captain?"

"Have a seat, detective."

"I prefer to stand."

The captain's response was dry, his lips forced into a rueful smile, "I didn't ask. We might be here a while, and I don't want you looming over me while we talk."

"Oh, please. You're nearly as tall as me sitting."

"You have exceptional talent at looming. Sit."

The owner of the beautiful voice sighed, a sound like wind in virgin forest. "Whatever." Matt heard one of the cheap office chairs give the tiniest squeak, as if a child had perched on it. "Why isn't Frankenstein sitting down?"

The captain's voice took on the clipped tones of a parent dealing with a particularly frustrating child. "He doesn't loom, and we haven't been making small talk."

"Doesn't loom? He's a mountain! How does a mountain not loom in an office the size of a walk in closet?"

"Inspector Franklin, it appears the detective is intimidated by you. Please, have a seat."

Matt knew when an invitation was an order. Gingerly. he settled himself onto a chair opposite the detective. As he did so, he caught a glimpse of...

Beauty. Perfection. An angelic visage gazed at him and found him wanting. Features too even to be real stared back at him, formed of skin like milk and framed by broad curls of jet. Lips the color of carnation petals moved, and her voice filled the room again.

"Captain, why is the creepy scarecrow staring at me?"


Review of Fae Eye for the Golem Guy by Night Owl Reviews

"If I had to sum up this entire novella in one word, it would be this: fun. Fae Eye for the Golem Guy might be considered something of a confection, quickly consumed but pleasurable. And like any treat, it left me hungry for more. I look forward to discovering what else Mr. Roman has to offer his readers."

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