Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lulu Bell marches in the pride parade

Shoulders back, head held high Lulu Bell marches in the pride parade.
What's the pride parade?
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Who's Lulu Bell

'Lulu Bell descended upon us as we sipped our espressos. Jay stood to greet her. The flamboyant Amazon wrapped him in a warm embrace.

"How've you been, sugar?" She marked his cheek with two bright pink lips. Then she noticed me and held me with her serene eyes. She coiled a handful of lengthy bright pink fingernails and made a clawing motion as she hissed. "Who's this cupcake?"

"Play nice, Lulu Bell. This is my girlfriend, Gwen."

I looked closer and noticed Lulu Bell's Adam's apple.

"You better treat Jai-nie baby right, or you'll be messing with me, cupcake. Lulu Bell, gender bender extraordinaire. Am I a boy or a girl? Why be either when you can enjoy both? Hey, we're all freaks. Some of us just wear it better."

Lulu Bell's dramatic, vivid geometric paintings graced the cafe walls. Each sported a hefty price, which admirers were overjoyed to pay, and there were many admirers.'

(quoted from The Sweater Curse)


Anonymous said...

I like Lulu Bell, s/he received an extra dash of sass!

The Sweater Curse said...

Thank you for commenting, Laurie. Lulu Bell just appeared full blown in my imagination, one day. And I'm so glad s/he showed up. I've learned a lot from Lulu--not to make excuses for being myself for one. Or, at least, I'm trying to learn this lesson.