Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beta Reader

Saturday, July 9th at 4: 30 pm I finished writing A Long Way From Her (young adult adventure)

Blurb: Lyndi Wimpel longs for a boyfriend, an adventure, a life. Flipping through a magazine she spies an ad for a youth group--she wants to join.

However, her mother insists it's too big a step. Lyndi has her own doubts. She feels that dyslexia has rendered her stupid and socially inept. She fears she won't be able to live in a group with other teenagers.

Regardless of these fears and doubts, Lyndi joins Katimavik--a government run youth service program. The adventure takes her from her tiny community in rural Manitoba to St. Anthony, Newfoundland to Brantford, Ontario and to Village des Huron, Quebec. Lyndi is challenged and transformed by the experiences she has and the people she meets.

Last sentence added: We kissed.

Word count: 58, 315 words

How do I feel?

A blend of emotions everything from wondering how I accomplished this feat to wondering how I'll do it again, but most I feel proud.

What happens to the manuscript now?

It goes on to my beta readers.

While I wrote this manuscript I worked with a writing (critique) group. Working with fellow writers kept me motivated and helped me with individual chapters and paragraphs.
Now that the manuscript is done I can't wait to receive the feedback of my beta readers. I'm fortunate because they are writers and avid readers as well as being good friends. They're the tip of friends who would pull me over and tell me, "Hey, Leanne that dress doesn't really suit you." So I know I'll receive honest feedback. I've worked with beta readers for each of my published books. I highly recommend seeking the help of at least one.

To learn more about beta readers, please visit these links

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Emlyn Chand said...

Thanks for linking in. Glad you liked my post. Sometimes it's hard for writers to let their loved ones know what they need from a critique :-)

The Sweater Curse said...

You're welcome and thank you for writing such a helpful post. I'm emailing the link to my beta reader. : )

Anonymous said...

GREAT post -- GREAT links!

The Sweater Curse said...

Thanks, Laurie. Yes, I was very pleased to find the wealth of knowledge regarding beta readers. Also very excited--as I'm sure you can imagine--that I finished A Long Way From Her : )