Thursday, June 9, 2011

radomly blogging Thursday

Today I'm here but not really here.
To this my husband would add, "What's new."
But disregard him.
So, where am I, if I'm not here.
Well, today I took an ocean cruise to Mayne Island's big sister island--Salt Spring Island.
So, why am I there and here?
It all has to do with this bag.

Here have a look inside...

This is the inventory I'm delivering to Salt Spring Island seasonal gallery--ArtCraft.
My art is: writing, knitwear design
My craft is: knitting, books
I feel right at home in beautiful ArtCraft.
Something else is on my mind. It's something you could possibly help me with.
I've written a new blurb for Turning
"Lyndi Wimpel is from rural Manitoba, she is the youngest in her family, she was born to overprotective parents, she suffers from low self-esteem and has dyslexia.
Do these words define her or can she fulfill her dreams to transcend them and become something else? If so, how? If so, what?"
Do you think that sounds better than the last one I shared with you? I know it's hard to tell without reading the book. I guess what I'm looking for is if you can see the conflict and if you are intrigued by the story.

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