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Please welcome Author Kathleen Gallagher

How/why did you start to write?
I've been wiring since I was a young girl. I wrote poetry first, and then I advanced to short stories. I had a passion for musical theatre, and wanted to pursue it as a career. My course changed when I got married, and became a young mother. I put my writing aside, and later became a registered nurse, but my desire to go back to writing grew stronger with time.

How did you become an author?
With my manuscript in hand, I began to query editors, agents, and small presses. I got an acceptance letter from Decadent Publishing in October 2010.

What was your first published piece?
Echoes at Dawn, a paranormal romance, is my first published novel.

Where was it published?
Echoes at Dawn was published by Decadent Publishing on March 30, 2011.

What did you do before embarking on your writing career? Was it an asset to your writing? How?
I am a registered nurse in an emergency room. I care for people from a diverse group, and interact with them when they are most vulnerable. This allows me an advantage when I write a scene that involves an illness or death. My interaction with people in a crisis situation gives me insight on the multiple challenges people face, and how they deal with it. My experience in a stressful environment allows me to learn how to cope with adversity.

What inspires you?
I get my inspiration in various ways. Sometimes simply observing people in every day life is the most beneficial. Other times, a song opens my mind to help me create a storyline. An old photo or beautiful landscape can also lead the way. Above all, I find love to be the best inspiration of all.

Please share one of your successful marketing techniques?
There are so many great ways to promote your work in today's computer savvy world. I enjoy contests, and believe they draw in potential readers. I make it a point to be friendly and positive when networking at conventions and conferences. I try to visit blogs and leave comments. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn from other writers. You'll make new friends, too. It's a good idea to try something new when looking for ways to promote. I've tried being in the author spotlight on sites with multiple followers. The most important thing is to always be available to listen to readers when they have something to share, and always be ready to talk about your book.

What are you currently working on?
I'm working on a contemporary romance entitled, A Single Word. It's a story about an aspiring anchor woman, Savannah Mason, and the challenges she encounters while faced with the disapproval of her career by her family. Savannah dreams of being a headliner on the evening news, but her estranged father Dr. Stuart Mason will not accept it. He had big plans for his only child to take over his medical practice one day.
The last thing Savannah wants is to meet a doctor; however, an opportunity to advance he career, and interview the bestselling author Dr. Rob Sinclair takes her on a journey to places in her heart that have been empty for years.
Rob Sinclair may be a top cardiac surgeon, with a new book about to be released, but his doubts as a parent gnaw at him after his wife abandons her family for a hippie musician.
Will Savannah be able to forgive herself, and offer her heart, as she battles the terror from a recurrent nightmare of a mistake she made in college? How does a man who has always placed his work above his personal life, learn to love again, and will he ever be able to trust a woman?

Do you attend writers' conferences?
I try to attend conferences as often as I can, and I will be at New Jersey Romance Writers Conference, Put Your Heart in the Book, on October 21-22, 2011, at The Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Iselin, New Jersey. I hope to have my print release of Echoes at Dawn with me at the book signing. I'd love to see some of you there.

Part words...
Thank you for your hospitality today, Leanne. I always enjoy my time at The Sweater Curse Blog. I've had an exciting year, and look forward to my continued journey as a published author.

(Your most welcome, Kathleen. Thank you. It was a pleasure--as always.)


Echoes At Dawn

The strangely intertwined lives of a widowed woman, and a charismatic bachelor come together in order to show that in life, there are no coincidences...only destiny.

Waterfront restaurant chef Madeline Young adores her job. If only her love and family's lives were as successful as her career. With a teenage son, who spends time in the emergency room for alcohol poisoning and a dementia-plagued mother, Madeline doesn't know how much more she could handle. Then her mother enlists the help of her deceased twin sister, Mary, to guide Madeline to true happiness. An early dawn visit from the spirit directs Madeline to volunteer at the local hospitals center for addiction recovery, where she comes alive for the first time in many years under the attention of Nat Griffin.

Nathaniel Griffin, a part-time counselor and contractor, fascinates his clients with his lectures. In keeping with his philosophy of professionalism, Nat prefers to keep his personal life private. When attraction tests his beliefs, Nat must confront his marred past. Is he willing to face his demons or take the easier path and remain isolated?

Can unworldly ghost save this couple form their own self-destructive behavior?


Echoes At Dawn

The willowy vision swirled around a circled like a cyclone before she vanished. The hazy fog gradually thinned, and it was as if she never appeared. Mother reached inside her robe pocket, took out a five-pointed star necklace and a tiny charm that housed a photo of her twin sister Mary. She loved to keep her precious belongings close to her heart. She clutched the pendant tightly before she put it around her neck.
Mark sat next to her on the bed. He wrinkled his forehead and tightened his jaw.
The room seemed like it closed in on me, and it felt like there was a thin veil over my face. I struggled to breathe and gasped for air. It took a few minutes before I could speak.
"Are you okay? What happened?" Mark's voice drummed in my ear.
As I shuttered, I pulled the coverlet over my shoulders. "I saw a ghostly image, and I believe she gave me a command," I blurted. I held my hand up, and pressed my fingers against my mouth.
"What do you mean? Were you dreaming?" Mark shouted and sprung from the edge of my bed.
"No, I was awake," I replied. I shook my head.
"Did she touch you?" he asked; his voice rose.
"She didn't come close enough."
"Did she come to rob us?" he screeched.
"I don't think so."
"The doors and windows are locked. How on earth did she get in?" he questioned.
"She appeared after a bright light," I responded and found it all hard to believe.
"Well, you're all right. That's all that counts." Mother moved over to the antique armoire which was in our family for over a century.
It was the only item she kept from her own bedroom when she was young girl. It had a mahogany finish with beautiful gold handles. Around the doors were carvings in the shape of vines. She ran her hand across the old relic and opened the bottom drawer. She adjusted the back wall to reveal an extra space. I never knew there was a hidden area in the back. To my amazement, she lifted out a box of white candles before she advanced over to the mantel. Mother lit five candles and lowered her head. She moved over to the window, mumbled in what sounded like a different language, and then returned to my bedside as calm as could be.
"She had on an old-fashioned dress with a lace, hoop skirt," I said. I closed my eyes for a moment and tried to remember more details. "It had a wide sash around the waist, and she wore high top shoes. She floated in mid-air." I moved to hang my legs over the bed.
"You must have been terrified," Mark said.
"Was she someone you know?"he asked. Mark glanced around the room for clues.
"She looked like Aunt Mary." After I made an attempt to place her. I felt a chill. It became as cold as the outdoors in my room. "It was Aunt Mary!" I cupped my hand over my mouth.
Mother peeked over her shoulder and recited a strange chant.

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The Sweater Curse said...

I've heard many authors recommend starting with poetry. They claim it helps with flow and description. Has this been your experience, Kathleen?

Maureen said...

Hi, Kathleen! I still write the occassional poem... Erotic poetry though, which actually can help when writing sensual scenes.

I have a massive amount of respect for the ER people...saved my life four years ago!

Deena said...

Musical theatre, eh? I adore musical theatre! My friends and I used to try to hold a conversation using lines from broadway shows and musicals. lol

Hey, I adore you, too!

kathleen said...

Leanne, I'm not sure if writing poetry helped me with the flow of description. It does add to the romance.

Thank you for having me on your blog today.

kathleen said...

Maureen, thanks so much for stopping by today, and for your kind words. I read one of the poems, and I thought it was beautiful.

We complain about the stress of our job, but we love it!

Desiree Holt said...

Kathleen, It was a hoot meeting you and your wonderful hubby at RT. Your personality shines in your book and I recommend it as a satisfying read for people who love both the paranormal and romance.