Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Developing the Hook in a Query Letter

Lately, things have been appearing before my eyes when I most need them.
Case in point, an email from Writers' Digest arrived in my inbox. I opened the email and found a link to the Guide to Literary Agents blog. I clicked the link and found a very helpful post by Chuck Sambuchino (June 14th)
Here's the link to that post (Developing the Hook in a Query Letter)
Thanks to this article, I rolled up my sleeves and re-wrote Turning's blurb...
Lyndi Wimpel longs for a boyfriend, an adventure, a life. Flipping through a magazine she spies an ad for a youth group. She wants to join.
However, her mother insists it's too big a step. Lyndi has her own doubts. She feels that dyslexia has rendered her stupid and socially inept. She fears she won't be able to live in a group with teenagers.
Regardless of these fears and doubts, Lyndi joins Katimavik--a government run youth service program. The adventure takes her form her tiny community in rural Manitoba to St. Anthony, Newfoundland to Brantford, Ontario and to Village des Huron, Quebec.
Lyndi is challenged and transformed by the experiences she has and the people she meets.
Current word count: 50, 844 words
Now the fear isn't will I have enough words but will I have too many.

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