Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A mouthful of mystery

This mystery began last February. At that time, I was off-island with a throbbing tooth ache.
What do to?
I found a walk-in dentist clinic. The dentist was young and gentle. She found the offending tooth and recommended extraction or root channel saying, "Do you see? In the x-ray, that line in all the other teeth. It's missing in this one. The root is dead."
I said, "I'm not attached to it. Yank the sucker out."
My husband was there and called for reason. "Let's get some painkillers and make an appointment with your dentist."
So, we did.
After a through examination, my dentist said, "There's no record of any problems with that tooth. It doesn't even have a filling. The root does look dead, but..."
Thanks to the painkillers, the pain disappeared.

April came and along with it suddenly--overnight--I gained a ton of weight in my left cheek. The same side of my face where the tooth pain had been.
Where the two things related?
I didn't know. Hopefully someone else would.
I made an appointment with Mayne Island's Family Nurse Practitioner. She thought it could be a blocked saliva gland and made an appointment for me with a ears, nose and throat specialist.
Off island, I meet with the specialist. He examined my ears, throat and even shoved a tiny camera up my nose. He told me, "Your ears, nose and throat are normal. I think your problem is a dental one." He recommended that I make another appointment with my dentist. I did.
My dentist examined me yet again and took another x-ray. He explained--yet again--that there was no history of problems with that tooth. The root did look dead, but roots just don't die. Unless I had a trauma such as a car accident. He referred me to a specialist. I made an appointment for May 17th--today.
On Friday, May 13th I began to experience a new problem with that side of my face. This time it feels like someone has shaved off the inside of my cheek. The pain is especially bad right after I eat something rough such as toast.
Please wish me luck as I try to solve this mystery.


Andrea said...

I wish you all the best and truly hope that the mystery is solved and the pain ends! Keep us posted on your progress.

The Sweater Curse said...

Thank you, Andrea.