Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do you have a ghost story? Contest

My friend and fellow author Kathleen Gallagher is running a contest to promote her new book
Echoes At Dawn
Here's my entry...

In the mid-90s, when I was a newly wed, I decided to return to school while still working full-time. This decision meant I spent many hours by myself in my study--slumped over textbooks. From this room, I could overhear my husband's comings and goings.
One evening as I was reading an especially complicated passage, I suddenly felt a warm presence. I looked up expecting to see my husband leaning against the doorframe--he wasn't there. I was alone, but the presence remained.
That's weird, I thought.
Even though it was winter, I smelt lilac. The fragrance was familiar.
My grandma's hand lotion.
Faintly I heard a sound. Listening closely, I made out words. "Don't worry, elsken, everything will be okay." The voice was familiar.
How can that be? She's in a nursing home--three provinces away--back home in Manitoba.
The phone rang, I overheard my husband answered. "Hi, how's it go-- Oh...oh...I'm so sorry. No, it's okay I'll tell her."
He replaced the receiver, walked into my study and drew me into his arms. "Leanne, I have some bad news."
I fought threw my tears. "Grandma passed away."
"Yes, but how did you..."
"She was here. She said good bye."

Do you have a ghost story?
If so, please enter Kathleen's "Echoes At Dawn Story Contest"
You could win a beautiful pendent (designed by Rae Bradbury-Enslin)
Contest ends June 14th
Winner will be announced June 15th
Enter today!
Also much thanks to Sarah on Facebook who sent me this...
Shuswap Writers' Festival
Friday: May 27 at 5:00 pm
Location: Salmon Arm, British Columbia


Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to enter! Thank you for sharing your ghost story. It really sounds similar to what happened to me when my grandpa died. It is so precious when our loved ones stop by to let us know they are leaving.

The Sweater Curse said...

Thank you for visiting, Upwoods.
I completely agree about the visits from loved ones. It really helped me cope with her death. I always had a close link with my grandma and I think that link helps them communicate with us.
I hope you do enter.