Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A weekend on Mayne Island

I wrote weekend--but actually you'll only be visiting for two days. You'll arrive Thursday--on the late ferry and stay until Saturday afternoon. We have a lot to squeeze into these two days so let's get busy.

(Have I told you lately that I'm not a photographer...well.)

Where are we?

At the Ag Hall.

What are we listening to?

Open Mic

Main act: Fish & Bird

Just try to stay still. It'll be hard.

They describe their music as a mish-mash.

I think it's folk.

Whatever it is, it's awesome!

Check out their website here: http://fishandbird.ca/)

The concert is over too soon.

On Mayne Island, everyone helps to put the tables and chairs away. Remember, eight chairs in every stack.

The next day, we'll return to the Ag Hall for a...

Colleen Proctor's beautiful jewelery

Celia Leaman's adorable felted animals and knitted treasures

Barbara McIntrye's yummy muffins and fragrant soaps.

Hurry quick, it's time to catch the ferry.

Come back this summer to shop again. Everyone will be outside on the Ag Hall grounds.

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JM said...

Huh. Very cool. Guess you know your neighbors REALLY well, as small as it seems.
Neat post.

The Sweater Curse said...

Yup, I know many of them.
I tried to live urban--it's just not me.
I like to walk down the street and wave--instead of duck and cover. : )
To each their own.

Anonymous said...

Leanne - Thank you for the virtual weekend on Mayne Island. From concerts to craft fairs -- it looks like you guys had a blast!

The Sweater Curse said...

And how!
JM and Holessence thank you so much for your comments. I really appreciate them.