Friday, April 1, 2011

Author Olivia Starke writes...

Understanding The Muse


One would assume as authors we are free spirits. We follow the paths less traveled, answering to no one as we weave our fanciful tales to please our readers. It's an easy job, right, to be your own boss?


Alas, that's not the case. You see, we are merely slaves to a little voice in our head. Some understanding folk would say this voice is the edge of mental illness, but we authors call it the Muse. A wonderful partner at times to guide us in the direction of amazing prose that will astound readers, and during these times how we love her! Unfortunately she can be just as spiteful if we've not fed her need for creative inspiration, remaining silent as we plead for just one line to guide us in the proper direction. Or worse, send us into dead end after dead end.


We struggle with out Muse, finding ways to feed her appetite for literary possibilities as we live our mundane day to day lives. When her temper rises and we find ourselves staring at a blank page on the computer screen we wonder where we went wrong, what has displeased her? When our fingers fly over the keyboard, we offer our gratitude and revel in her genius. It's never the author, it's the Muse that writes the story.


Those outside the circle wouldn't understand, maybe even scoff at the idea of a Muse. But she is truly a living breathing entity within us, and without her we are without imagination. My fellow authors take a moment to thank that wayward voice that you have so little control over, for she is the talent within you.

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holessence said...

Your statement, "It's never the author, it's the Muse that writes the story" is oh-so-true, even for a non-fiction writer like me. Great post, thank you!

Olivia Starke said...

Thanks for dropping by :)