Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...and the winner is...

The Sweater Curse short story contest is now over and now I have the difficult task of naming the winner.
Will it be Laurie's coming of age story or Kathleen tribute to her mother-in-law. Read them and you'll soon understand what a difficult decision I face. My solution, I'm sending a copy to each with my thanks.
As one door closes another opens...

Spring Garden was one of my most popular patterns and you'll be able to win it--not only for yourself, but for all your knitting friends. Look for contest details to be posted soon on the 'Free sweater pattern contest' page.
Have a fun Tuesday
Next post: Podcast: author reading of The Sweater Curse
Work on work in progress : Turning (a young adult adventure) fictionalization of my experiences as a particpant in a government-run youth group.
Word count:
36, 122 words
A new sentence added: Christmas came, Christmas went and things got really boring.


Anonymous said...

Leanne - I'm tickled pink to be one of the lucky winners of the short story contest--whoohoo!

And I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kathleen's tribute to her mother-in-law.

The Sweater Curse said...

: ) Excellent! So happy to hear your happy. And was thrilled (which you can probably tell by my post) to receive such wonderfully written entries.
Happy writing, Laurie (oh, yes, and reading )