Monday, January 10, 2011

The thing I like to do at parties

Oh, I know you think you guessed the answer--food.



Okay, I must confession I do have a very strong sweet tooth. That's true.

However, there is one thing I like to do more than eat--play games.

Strange, but true.

And, seeing as this is a knitting-themed book, we need a knitting-themed game.

Le't see can I come with something?


A Yarn Game

Material: a ball of yarn

Group size: more than 2 less than 20 (judging by the numbers here we'll have to use more than one ball)

This will help us mix and mingle.

Yeah, I'm shy. I just can't go up to someone and introduce myself--not even if they're as nice as all of you.

Please form a circle. You can either sit comfortably or stand awkwardly--as I am.

Ready, okay, let's begin.

Hi, my name is Leanne and I like lopi wool.

I toss the yarn ball to...

Please someone catch the ball before it rolls away and gets all dirty.

Before you throw it to someone else, please introduce yourself and tell us what kind of yarn you like to knit with or wear. Also say my name and what yarn I liked to knit with.

Oh, yeah, and one thing I forgot to tell you is remember to hold the yarn end before tossing.

Let's see what kind of tangled mess we can we can have.


Oh, yes, and I'll be back soon with the food. I'm starving. : )

Yummy, Peanut Cookies...someone promised me. : )

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