Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to make I-cord (knitting in circles-continued)

Update:  This blog is no longer a writing/knitting blog. Now it is devoted to writing--as am I. But I'm glad you're still enjoying my knitting tutorials and patterns. Happy knitting to you.

As promised, we'll work on the strap today.
I-cord is another fun way to work in the round on two straight (double-pointed) needles.
You'll also need a small amount (approximately 50 yards) of worsted weight yarn.

Cast on 4 to 6 stitches (depending on how thick you want your strap. The more stitches the thicker the strap.)

Work the first row in garter stitch
Once the first row is finished don't turn your work. Instead keep the right side of the work facing you and slide the stitches to the other end of the needle. Bring the working yarn forward. Continue working in this manner until you begin to create a "tube". During the initial rows of I-cord the wrong side may resemble little ladders. The laddering will disappear as you continue to work while you maintain tension.

Work the tube to the desired length.
Cool uses for I-cord: wear it as an necklace or use it as bootlaces.
The talented knitwear designer Lucy Neatby discusses her addiction to double knitting. Go to her blog and prepare to be awed.
Cool news from Decadent Publishing
Yes, I did tie my bootlaces and go to work on my WIP, yesterday : )
***Oh, yes, and the WIP I'm reporting on is not the sequel to The Sweater Curse--but, in fact, my Young Adult adventure Turning***
Word count: 23, 421 words
One of the sentences added: I feel like one of Pavlov's dogs or one of his pigeons.
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Clare Dargin said...

Hi Leanne! Thanks for dropping by! Maybe you can finally teach me how to knit! I'm a crocheter myself! Love the blog keep up the good work and you are now on my blog roll!

Leanne Dyck said...

HI Clare
Thank you for visiting. I hope you'll come again. I'd love to teach you how to knit. Someone has to save you from the hook. : ) I'm thrilled that you've added me.

Anonymous said...

Hello, how can I join the i-chord to form a circle? Thank you.

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Once you cast off the I-cord you'll have two ends. I'd simply attach these ends to each other.