Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's on my needles

First, thank you so much for logging on yesterday. I had so much fun that I've already begun working on my next blog discussion.

Second, do you remember that large dump of snow we had?

Well, we barely do.
That's life on our tiny island.
Now what's on my 4.50 mm (US 7, UK 7) needles.
Note: I usually use 4.50 mm needles.

The yarn is worsted weight Tweeds Classic Wool (90% wool, 7% acrylic, 3% viscose) in a Rich Red Tweed by Patons.
Note: I like to have at least a little acrylic in the yarn I use.
I've finished the back

and the front.

I also finished one sleeve.

I'm currently working on the other.

The pattern is Bunny Hug by Olavia's Hand Knitting patterns (www.oknitting.com) Yes, it's a pattern I've designed. No, I'm not knitting for me. I'm knitting it for a friend and she's requested no pocket. So-o-o, that means I have to finish the sleeve and work the hood, sew seams, weave ends and then I'm done.
Who is this mysterious friend I'm knitting for?
Well, allow me to answer that question with a teaser. Log on Thursday and Friday and you'll meet her. And believe me, she's well worth meeting. : )
To keep you busy while I knit, here are some interesting reading...
The talented Decadent authors continue to entertain. Today, it's Maureen O. Betita's turn. She shares a captivating short story on 30 Days of Decadence (http://30daysofdecadence.blogspot.com)
Becca Dale participates in 10Q Tuesday on http://decadentpublishing.blogspot.com
Each time a someone new comments on this blog, I hunt you down and if I find you I add your blog (or website) to my blog (and website) roll. And if that's not enough I add a comment, if I can. Well, yesterday Robert Roman commented. I left myself a note saying, comment, if I can. Silly note--I had no trouble commenting. And I'm sure you won't either--check it out: http://www.robertcroman.com
Sorry, I have specified--he has two posts. I left a message on his "On Writing and the Value of NaNo"
I will be on the 30 days of decadence blog.
One lucky commentor will receive a gift--from me to you.
Next post: My knitting as art--my knitting as craft

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