Sunday, December 26, 2010

A surprise for me and you

The surprise for you is this post. I usually don't post on Sunday, and I don't plan to start. However, I had to make an exception today.
Well, I'll explain.
I started this blog on October 10th. I posted sparatically for about a month, until in November, I began to post daily (with a day off on Sunday). I had a great time interviewing people, facilitating a discussion and sharing my writing and patterns.
I was so engaged in the process, in fact, that wasn't aware that a miracle was occuring. I wasn't aware that thanks to your generous support the number of page views is drawing close to 2, 000. I'm blowen away. I didn't know what to do, but I knew I had to do something. I knew I had to say thank you.
To say thank you, I'd like to share this creative non-fiction story...
When I was growing up, Christmas was a joyous time of family gatherings, traditions, good cheer and food. Delicious smells poured forth from Mom's kitchen. This was her opportunity to showcase mouthwatering talent.
Two desserts were at the centre of these festivities: English Pud to clebrate my dad's heritage and my mom's recipe for Icelandic Vinaterta. Not surprisingly, Mom had been given the roots of her recipe from her mom, Grandma Olafson.
Grandma's recipe loudly proclaimed its Icelandic heritage with its strong ethnic taste. Mom slightly toned down the recipe to make it more palatable for her husband. I, too, far preferred Mom's recipe.
Years passed and I fell in love. Christmas was the test for my Mennonite boyfriend. How would he react to my large extended family? To Vinaterta? To my delight, he seemed at home in the company of my family.
Next, he was served a piece of Vinaterta. The first bite was foreign to him. He turned the tastes around in his mouth. Would he finish it?
"It's okay if you don't finish it. It's a unique taste," my mom offered.
"Oh, no, I like it." He took the last forkful, savouring it. "May I have another piece, please?"
Later that year we were married. Vinaterta was our wedding cake.
This story was published in Flavours of Vancouver along with my mom's recipe for Vinaterta.

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